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Jamie Lee Curtis Always Reads The Ending Of Her Acting Scripts First

Jamie Lee Curtis is famously known for her acting skills in several blockbuster movies. She's filming for the popular horror movie franchise Halloween, and she just came out with a new podcast so she stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to catch us up on all of her latest projects.

The Halloween movies is what Curtis says she's most recognized for and that's about to be even more so. The latest in the horror movie franchise Halloween Kills was scheduled to release during 2020 but because of the pandemic, it is now being released later this year on October 15th. Curtis is currently filming the next Halloween movie that follows called Halloween Ends. She admitted she's deep in a relationship with Michael Myers and admitted that the work is so brutal, but also so beautifully made. Despite the horror franchise Halloween having some serious notoriety for its ability to scare viewers, Curtis has never gotten nightmares after acting in them. She knows they're just movies.

While a lot of people recognize her for Halloween, she also noted that being around for a long time has something to do with hit. She also starred in the movie Knives Out, which admittedly she didn't know it would be a "smash." She also admitted that in her eyes, the perfect movie length is 93 minutes. She won't go see theater because of the word "intermission." Curtis will often go see one acts, but that's it. Also talking about her life as an actor, when she gets a script, she will immediately go to the end. Curtis does not like the "cat and mouse game," she just likes to know what's going to happen. Then she will go back and read the entire script and experience it while knowing the ending. Her husband Christopher Guest is also a famously known actor, who Curtis says is a singular talent and incredibly smart. They are polar opposites, Curtis is an open book and the type of person who will talk to anyone, while her husband won't talk to people and is very quiet and private.

Just dropped today, Curtis has a new project happening, the Good Friend Podcast. The title was inspired by the song "Good Friend" by Emily King. Curtis found King and licensed the song to become the title for the podcast. Curtis felt that after the pandemic, it's important to be a good friend to others and she wanted to share a podcast that's all about friendship. On the podcast, Curtis talks about how to be a good friend, how to keep good friends, and sometimes how to let go of friends. For her first show on the podcast, Curtis brought on Lena Dunham.