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Bobby & Caitlin's Bronco Is In The Shop After Highway Accident

Bobby Bones and his wife Caitlin purchased an old Bronco in recent weeks. However after using it at their wedding, things took a turn for the vintage car.

When Bones and Caitlin left the evening of their wedding, they left guests at their Nashville home in their Bronco. The sweet moment was captured in photos and videos, but that's possibly the only good memories they're going to have in the car. While they were on their honeymoon, Bobby remembered that he never got tags for the Bronco and the 30 days were coming up. So they called up a friend to take the Bronco to get tags. During that trip, the friend and the Bronco got hit on the highway. A car got hit in the lane next to them and then the car that was hit veered into the Bronco. The accident smashed up the entire side of the Bronco and broke the axle.

Unfortunately, the accident caused some pretty severe damage on the Bronco which is now sitting in the shop and it may or may not be totaled. They're not sure yet.