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Discussing The Most Popular Food From Our Home States

In America, we really love to share, talk about, and eat foods. That's why every different state is known for a particular food pairing or food item. A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show to share some popular foods known by states and asked that we share the foods we believe are popular from our home states.

The show has members that are from many different states: Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Michigan, and Florida. They shared the foods they believe are the most known from their home state.

While a survey said it's chocolate gravy and biscuits, Bobby said it should just be regular biscuits and gravy for Arkansas. Amy spoke for her, Eddie, and Lunchbox when it comes to Texas. They are known for Tex-Mex style food so she went with tacos. Raymundo being from Michigan said that a pasty, basically a Thanksgiving meal inside a pie, is their popular food item. Morgan said that while wheat is the most commonly known thing for Kansas, the actual food they're most popular for is Kansas City BBQ. Then Scuba Steve shared that despite pub subs being super well-known in Florida, he believes that gator bites are really the more item Florida should be known for.