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The Country Artists We've Confirmed Didn't Leave The Anonymous $1K Tip

The Bobby Bones Show has spent all week investigating a good news story involving a famous country star.

Earlier this week, a news story came out from Greensboro, North Carolina. That story was about a Waffle House waitress who was pulling a double shift at the popular food spot while also caring for her daughter. That's when a famous country star and their team came in for some late night takeout. The team and country star in question saw the waitress working hard to provide for her daughter and decided to leave a $1K tip along with some kind words, tickets to a show, and gifts for the daughter. The waitress has kept the name of the star to herself sharing that she wants to keep things anonymous.

Though, we think whatever country star did this is pretty awesome so we want to recognize that. Which is why we've been trying to track down the country star. The show has guessed a multitude of artists like Kane Brown, Luke Combs, Darius Rucker, and Luke Bryan. We've since confirmed a few country stars that said it wasn't them. Bones texted Clay Walker and Luke Bryan, who both said it wasn't them but they have done things similar in recent years. Though, we are double confirming with Bryan during tomorrow's Bobby Bones Show (August 6) that it wasn't him.

During the show today (August 6), Bones was told that Matt Stell was recently in that area for a tour. So he called him up to ask him if he did it. Stell was in the area, but it wasn't him. He hasn't been to a Waffle House in a minute, but was now craving it after all of our talk.

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