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Bobby Gets Served Piece Of "Humble Pie" During Event With Arkansas Governor

Bobby Bones and his wife Caitlin spent the weekend in Arkansas at their cabin. But they weren't just in town to relax, the two spent one of their evenings dining with the Arkansas Governor and the First Lady.

The Arkansas Governor and First Lady invited Bones and Caitlin to join them for a charity event. They were all dressed up for the event with Bones rocking a tux and red shoes while Caitlin rocked a red sparkle jumpsuit. Things went great, however at the beginning of the evening Bones admitted he was served a piece of "humble pie." When they sat down at their table, Bones name tag read "Bobby Jones." While he cracked at joke at the incident, he believes the Governor felt a bit awkward with what happened.

Bones also got hit up online a bit by listeners for hanging out with the Governor. He said that he's allowed to hang out with people that he doesn't 100% agree with because the only person he 100% agrees with is himself. After being born and raised in Arkansas, Bones said that he was honored to get to hang out with the Governor and First Lady.