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Show Members Compete Against Each Other In Commercial Reads

Bobby Bones was asked by our sales team to suggest someone on The Bobby Bones Show to read commercials that wasn't him or Amy. Since Bones and Amy read the majority of commercials that come in, they're booked up and can't take any more advertising commercials. So that's when they needed Bones to look at the rest of his team.

Eddie, Lunchbox, Morgan, Raymundo, and Abby were all put in for a commercial competition. Each of them had to read the same script, which was Bobby's script for a Hello Fresh commercial. Everyone showed off their personality while reading, but they had to be sure to do so under 30 seconds. If they read over 30 seconds, they would get docked points... which is what happened to Lunchbox. He read his commercial in 33 seconds and because the commercial has to be 30 seconds, he got docked points by judges Bobby, Amy, and Scuba Steve.

Morgan ended up winning the competition because she didn't mess up any words, she read the commercial in 29 seconds without speeding up any of the words, and was still able to show off her personality during the read. The win for her means $50 and Bones will suggest her to our sales team for commercial reads.