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TMSG: Teacher Decorates Truck With Positive Affirmations For His Students

Louisiana middle school teacher John Wondergem is taking a message of positivity to his students with the help of his truck.

Wondergem embellished his truck with positive affirmations like "you are... creative, strong, awesome, unique, kind, needed." And every morning he parks his truck in front of Madisonville Jr. High in Louisiana for the hundreds of students at the school to see the messages as they walk by.

He told WDSU, "Obviously, these are words we want people to say about themselves, but also there’s a lot of power in the words we speak. [...] "The idea of needed is that everybody has a place. You may not fit in with this particular crowd or that particular crowd, and you may not necessarily have the same opinions or agreements as everybody else, but your presence and what you bring to this world, is needed.”

Because of Wondergem, the school leaders plan to bring the positive messaging into their every day curriculum.

Photo: Getty Images