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TMSG: 12-Year-Old Helps Disabled Man With Random Act Of Kindness

In Ohio, Seventh-grader Raymond Butler was riding his bike home from football practice when he got a flat tire.

The flat tire may have caused a fate encounter, because his tire slowed down Butler enough to notice someone in need. Butler saw Gary Barnes, whose right leg is amputated below the knee. He was sitting in his mobility scooter and using his self-propelled lawnmower to mow his yard.

Butler went into the yard and offered to mow Barnes grass for free. Barnes was really moved by the gesture, but wouldn't let him do it for free. He ordered a replacement bike inner tube on Amazon and insisted on paying Barnes $10 for cutting his grass.

Now the two have a relationship that Barnes feels makes Butler another grandchild to him, on top of his nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Butler continues to come around to help with the yard and odd jobs, and the two go fishing twice a week.

On top of that, Barnes posted his experience with Butler on Facebook which went viral in the community and spun into a GoFundMe page to raise money for some new clothes for the school year for Butler. While Butler is grateful for the kind favor returned to him, but he wasn't expecting it. He now has a message for others, "When you grow up, to be kind to others and they will be kind back."

Photo: Getty Images