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The Show Votes Live on Lunchbox's Latest Pitch

On the Bobby Bones Show, it is rare to have a live pitch and vote on whether or not it is going to happen, but this morning was an exception with Lunchbox's latest pitch.

Lunchbox read an article about an airline needing to tell their flight crew not to duct tape passengers to their seats, and pitched the idea that he, Ray, and Eddie will all buy plane tickets, get on a flight and sit next to each other. Then once in the air, Eddie acts out and Ray & Lunchbox bust out the duct tape and duct tape him to the seat to keep him under control. Lunchbox thinks they’ll make the news when they land, and he can give interviews about how he supports the flight attendants using duct tape to control passengers.

Lunchbox thinks he can avoid any trouble with police by explaining it is just an experiment but the rest of the room isn't so sure about that.

Amy votes to do the bit, but Bobby and Eddie think we should skip the idea. Ray will only participate if we move the bit from a plane to a bus because he does not want to risk being on a no-fly list.

In the end, Scuba Steve made the call that it is not the smartest idea and the bit should be skipped.