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Runaway June Gives Bobby Marriage Advice

Runaway June stopped by the Bobby Bones Show while on their tour with Luke Bryan. The trio shared new music, including a performance of their new song "T-Shirt", and talked about getting married during a pandemic — with some marriage advice for Bobby.

Jen and Naomi both got married in the last year. Jen got married in January and semi-eloped, getting married at a house in Florida with only her parents, sister and best friend. Naomi got married in Maine to Martin, the lead singer of Boys Like Girls, and shared they do not "jam out" at home, leaving the music out of their relationship.

Natalie, who is married to The Raging Idiots drummer James, shared some marriage advice for Bobby. Her main advice for Bobby — "sometimes it’s ok to go to bed mad…you don’t have to stay up all night talking it out…sometimes a little sleep can help both of you for the next day."

The group agreed their best marriage advice is "we never stop trying to impress each other."