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Keith Urban Was Disappointed With Eric Church's Lyrics In This Big Hit

Keith Urban just released a new song called "Wild Hearts." He stopped by the Bobby Bones Show to share where the song came from, his favorite country song of all time, why he once was disappointed in Eric Church, and if he plans to get any more tattoos.

"Wild Hearts" is Urban's new song released last week. The song was originally written by Jennifer Wayne (Runaway June), Eric Paslay, and Brad Tursi (Old Dominion). They sent the song to Urban, who really loved the chorus but the verses weren't speaking to him. So Urban asked if he was able to re-write the verses and all of the songwriters were up for it. Urban added that if he ever cuts a song, he likes to make it more personal to his journey. After re-writing the verses, things moved really quickly and the song was promptly recorded in studio. Urban admitted that's not always how it goes with songs that are sent to him. One of Urban's band members wrote Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris' new song "Chasing After You." But before it was sent to him, Urban's band member sent it to him to record two and a half years ago. Urban went into the studio with it, but after putting in a lot of work, he couldn't wrap himself around the song enough to record it. Fast forward to now, and it's set to be a big hit for Hurd and Morris.

In discussing favorite country songs and song lyrics, Urban noted that his favorite country song of all time was Waylon Jennings' "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way." Urban believes that song has one of the most important lyrical lines in country music. He believes it could be a mission statement for country music. On the topic of lyrics, Urban talked about his friendship with fellow country artist Eric Church. In recent years Church released the song "Give Me Back My Hometown," which was a major hit for him. However, when talking to Church, Urban was disappointed with one of the lyrics in the song: "My friends try to cheer me up // get together at the Pizza Hut." Urban said when he first heard that lyric, he was really disappointed in Eric. But the more he heard the song and the lyric, he realized that is what actually happened in real life. Urban eventually grew to the love the lyric and the song as a whole.

While fans may see Urban doing a lot of things for his career in the coming years, there is one thing Urban won't be doing. He really loves his tattoos and adding to the art on his body, but he admits he will never get a face tattoo or even a "high neck" tattoo.