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TMSG: Piano Player Receives $60K In Tips Thanks To Stranger & Instagram

A stranger went above and beyond for an airport pianist while he was waiting for a flight.

Carlos Whittaker was at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport waiting for his plane when he crossed paths with pianist 66-year-old Tonee "Valentine" Carter. The two started talking and Whittaker decided to call on his 220K + Instagram followers to support Carter.

Within just a few short hours, Whittaker's efforts raised over $60,000 in tips for Carter. He was totally speechless and felt nothing but gratitude. Carter told Fox affiliate WAGA, "He asked me if I had any hope in humanity, and I said no, [but] I do now. When people do things like that, total strangers and they hear my story and they want to give me a gift like that. Thankful is inadequate. I want to give back and help people like he's doing."

Photo: Getty Images