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John Crist Doesn't Recall The Mall Incident With Raymundo

John Crist is a popular comedian and online sensation known for his funny videos. Raymundo is one of his fans so when he saw him at the mall in Nashville, he got really excited.

Raymundo shared on The Bobby Bones Show last week that he saw comedian John Crist at the mall, but he felt like Crist big timed him. Raymundo told us that he shouted at Crist, "Hey! You're John Crist!" to which Crist really didn't acknowledge and just continued on his day. Bobby Bones told Raymundo that just shouting something like that at a celebrity really isn't going to get their attention because it treats them like zoo animal. So that was Bones reasoning as to why Crist likely didn't respond to Raymundo's shouting.

Crist came on the show this morning to address the whole incident. He confessed that he doesn't even remember that happening at the mall or seeing Raymundo. Because of the conversation, Raymundo admitted that he should have said something else and shouldn't have just shouted at Crist. He learned for hopefully their next public interaction.