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TMSG: Homeless Man Sleeping At Bus Stop Saves Crash Victims

A homeless man is being hailed a hero after he helped car crash victims out of the Brays Bayou in Houston, Texas.

A car crashed into Brays Bayou with three women in it. Gabriel Moncada just lost his housing and was staying at a bus stop near by when the crash happened. He told ABC 13, that he ran down to the bayou and saw two of the women involved getting out of the water, but the third, believed to be the driver, was still inside the car.

Moncada called 911 as he helped the third woman get to safety and utilized his past lifeguard training to help the woman stabilize her neck and spine. She was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The dive team confirmed there weren't any other victims at the scene and everyone involved was able to get out of the water in time.

Photo: Getty Images