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TMSG: Troopers Make Lifesaving Delivery To Woman Giving Birth

Minnesota troopers helped make a critical delivery that helped save a new mother's life.

Jenapher Blair was at the Hutchinson Hospital in Minnesota giving birth to her daughter, Adalyn. While giving birth, Blair started bleeding excessively due to complications. Unfortunately, the hospital didn't have enough blood on hand for her. The blood the doctors needed to help Blair was 80 miles away.

That's when five Minnesota State troopers jumped into action. They formed a relay between several different locations. One trooper rushed from a blood bank to a State Patrol flight crew at the St. Paul Downtown airport, the flight crew then took it to Hutchinson Airport. The Hutchinson Airport flight crew then handed the blood off to two troopers who rushed it to the hospital. Despite all of the different locations, it took all of the individuals just 65 minutes to get the blood to Hutchinson to help Blair.

Blair recently recalled the whole situation to KTSP, "Everything was going so smoothly - until it wasn't. If you guys weren't there and hadn't received that call, who knows what would have happened? Thanks to you, my kids have their mom." Head of the State Patrol Col. Matt Langer shared similar sentiments saying, "Today, it's a deep moment of pride."

Photo: Getty Images