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Lunchbox Found Out How Baristas Really Feel About Complicated Drink Orders

The Bobby Bones Show learned in Amy's Pile a few days ago that Starbucks Baristas are really tired of people making complicated orders. So Lunchbox decided to take to the local Starbucks in the area to find out if that's true.

Lunchbox went through the drive-thru of his local Starbucks to ask the Baristas their thoughts on the matter. They were happy to answer from the drive-thru as their faces weren't visible and they couldn't truly speak their minds. He found out that the Baristas don't actually mind making complicated orders, however they do ask that patrons be patient. They admitted that it gets frustrating when someone orders a very complicated drink and then says they're in a hurry.

Complicated drink orders often take some time to put together, so if patrons are going to order one, they ask that they have enough time to wait on the drink.