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Raymundo Creeped Out After Uber Eats Driver Suggested Coming Inside Apt.

Raymundo and his wife recently ordered from the food delivery company Uber Eats. They placed an order through his wife's account and according to Raymundo, had a creepy situation go down.

When the Uber Eats driver was close to their apartment, they sent a message to Raymundo's wife noting that if she unlocked the door, he was happy to place the food on the table. Raymundo had never received that message before from any other Uber Eats driver. He felt it was really creepy because the driver was asking for the door to be unlocked and it was through his wife's account. If he unlocked the door and allowed the driver to do that, it left them vulnerable for something to happen.

Some listeners called into the show and echoed Raymundo being creeped out, noting that the driver can easily place it at the front door and move on.