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TMSG: Good Samaritan Helps Injured Officer To Safety After Shooting

*Warning: Some may find the video above disturbing -From KRQE News.*

In Albuquerque, New Mexico a Good Samaritan stepped up to help an injured officer after a shooting.

Johnny Garcia was hanging out in his backyard with his dogs when things quickly turned chaotic. Two men ran past his home and then gunfire followed. Garcia told KRQE news that he heard about 10 to 20 gunshots and then things quieted down again.

That's when Garcia saw only one cop running and yelling for a tourniquet. He looked over the wall and saw Officer Mario Verbeck on the ground. Garcia decided to jump the wall and used Verbeck's radio to call for help. Then he took matters into his own hands.

Garcia picked the officer up from the wall, gathered all of his things and carried him to the street where he met two more police officers. Shortly after an ambulance arrived. Officer Verbeck is still in critical condition at the hospital as of the news article's August 23rd posting.

Garcia told KRQE, "I couldn’t leave him there. He’s an officer of the law and I could not do that. I had to assist him to make sure that he’s okay.” He added that he hopes he pulls through and is thankful for his service to the community.

Photo: Getty Images