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Two Country Artists Are The Reason Why Kane Brown Started Working Out

Kane Brown recently released his new song "One Mississippi." He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new song, his latest projects, and why he started working out.

Brown's new song "One Mississippi" was written with a new artist Levon Gray. Gray actually tagged Brown in an Instagram Story. Brown watched it and heard Gray sing, because of that he brought Gray to Nashville with his publishing company. The two of them wrote this song together with songwriter and artist Ernest. The songwriting session actually led to Gray being signed to Brown's publishing company. While Brown really liked the song, he didn't initially choose for it to be his latest song release. He wanted to put out a ballad called "Love Don't Leave You Alone" as his first single from his new project, but his team encouraged him to put out "One Mississippi." Brown admitted that through his tour rehearsals, he's grown to really love the song more.

When it comes to the new project, Brown has been working on it for years. He confessed that he has written about 40 to 50 songs for this latest project. Though he does feel bad, because even though he teases some of his new songs on social media, he will tease them knowing that he may never actually release them. There is one song on this latest project that Brown actually teased about 5 years ago now. It's going to be the song they use to kick off his tour. Brown often writes his own songs, but that doesn't keep him from choosing songs he wasn't a writer on. He will just choose the best song regardless of who wrote it. However, he added that it makes it difficult to talk about a song when he didn't write it.

Besides working on his new project, Brown has been putting a lot of his energy towards working out. He shared that his whole working out situation started because of fellow country artist Raelynn's mom. They were out on tour and Raelynn's mom was impressed with Granger Smith's body when he took off his shirt on stage. However, when Brown took off his shirt, Raelynn's mom was not impressed. So he took that whole situation as an inspiration to get totally jacked. Brown has spent this whole year working out 6 days a week with his security guard. He started at 180 pounds, and he's currently at 195 pounds, with his goal being 215 pounds.