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TMSG: TikTok Viewers Save Creator By Noticing Cancer Symptom

A TikToker known as the "Seattle Tech Bro" was saved by his 17,000 followers when they noticed something odd going on.

On some of his videos, "Seattle Tech Bro" was receiving a lot of comments informing him that his thyroid looked a "little enlarged." He even received some direct messages from his followers saying similar things. Several of his followers were urging him to see a doctor.

He shared on a recent TikTok video, "Out of an abundance of caution and just because I get anxious about these sorts of things, I went ahead and got it checked out." During the video he shared that his doctors found that there was a 95% chance that the "nodule" on his thyroid was in fact cancerous.

In the same video while wearing a small bandage over his neck, the creator shared that he chose to remove the potentially cancerous part of the gland. He's now recovering from surgery and told his followers he'll be posting fewer videos due to it being hard to talk.

Photo: Getty Images