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Laci Kaye Booth Learned To Shut Out Her Nerves While On 'American Idol'

Laci Kaye Booth just released her debut collection earlier this month, so she stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories behind the project as well as talk about her time on American Idol.

Booth got her start on American Idol, and admitted that she would often get nervous whenever she heard "we're live!" But she learned how to shut out her nerves and just focus on performing. Though music isn't foreign to her, music runs in her blood. Her dad is also a country artist, she says he's a Texas country guy. But Booth doesn't consider her music to be Texas country, she actually calls it "Dream Country." She says one of her influences in that realm is Kacey Musgraves.

Some of the songs on her new project Booth wrote, including the song "Shuffle." The song was inspired by her grandma. She was on the way to the write when her grandma popped in her head. Booth shared that her grandma always sang karaoke and would sing "Stand By Your Man" and dedicate it to her husband, Booth's grandpa. She was thinking about their relationship, along with her current relationship status and thought it was a fun song idea.