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Bobby & Amy On #PIMPINJOY Helping Several Causes Right Now

Photo: Huelsman, Morgan (uploader)

Right now, there are several horrible things happening around the world. There was a recent flood in Waverly, TN that claimed several lives. There are 13 American Heroes who lost their lives in the situation overseas. Hurricane Ida hit several southern states in recent hours.

As longtime listeners of The Bobby Bones Show know, the #PIMPINJOY line through The Shop Forward donates all of the proceeds to different causes based on needs that come up through tragedies. With so much happening right now, Bobby and Amy have had to make the best call for where the money should go. They shared on The Bobby Bones Show today that they've had a lot of people having opinions on what they should do and it's been very difficult for them.

They shared that they sent a check to those impacted by the floods in Waverly, TN and they are actively watching the situation with the families of the 13 American Heroes. So for now, all #PIMPINJOY items on The Shop Forward right now are going to help those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Listeners can watch Bobby and Amy share their reasoning and explanation behind the donations right now at the video below.