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Lunchbox Acts Like Raymundo's Dad To Get Flat Tire Fixed For Free

There's several construction sites by The Bobby Bones Show's Nashville studios. With construction typically comes lots of debris and nails that get left in the roadways resulting in people's flat tires.

Raymundo was one of those individual's who got a nail stuck in his tire after leaving work one day. He wanted to see if he could get the construction site likely responsible for the nail to pay for his tire. Instead of doing it himself, he brought Lunchbox along with him to act like his father. The two of them went to the construction site asking the manager if he would pay for the tire, but didn't have good luck with that. The manager said he would have to be able to verify that the nail in his tire came from their construction site and since they hadn't done any particular work to warrant a nail like that, it was unlikely.

Lunchbox and Raymundo pressed on and asked if they would give him $100. But the manager pushed back saying he wouldn't just give $100 in cash. The guys gave up and Bobby encouraged them to go try another construction site to see what another manager might say.