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Morgan2 & Her Dog Passed Evaluations To Become Therapy Animal Team

Morgan and her dog Remi shared some big news over Instagram.

The two of them were in training to become a therapy animal team and over the weekend, they took the evaluation and passed! Morgan shared via Instagram that the evaluation passing means her dog Remi is now officially a therapy dog. This will allow the two of them to volunteer their time as a team to go to places like hospitals, schools, and retirement homes to bring joy to those going through difficult times.

Some listeners were worried in the comments that this meant Morgan had to pass Remi off to another human, but that's not the case with this situation. The evaluation is all about the human animal team passing which means Remi and Morgan together. Service dogs are the pups that get trained and matched with a human who needs them.

Remi is a 6-year-old rescue dog, likely a cavapoo mix and went through a lot of training with Morgan when she was a puppy. Now that Remi's older and Morgan saw her love for humans, she decided it was the perfect time to continue training Remi to become a therapy dog.