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TMSG: Off-Duty Officer Saves Life Of Choking Baby

A police officer in California was off-duty when he was able to help save a baby.

Officer Gilbert Troche was driving home with his family after seeing a movie when they saw a woman in distress. They saw a woman on the side of the road, outside of her vehicle holding her baby in her arms. She appeared to be very distraught. Troche pulled over and jumped out to help the woman who basically handed him the baby right away.

The baby's face was blue so he began doing some back blows to try and clear the airway. It didn't seem to work so he mouthed the words "call 911" to his wife. But after the baby's mom did a finger sweep of the baby's mouth and the officer did some more black blows, Officer Troche told KTVU, "The baby coughed, vomited and started crying." He added that right after that, the woman immediately grabbed the child from him and embraced her son.

Officer Troche's kids saw the whole thing from the backseat of their car, and his 12-year-old daughter took cellphone video of the whole rescue. While he may look calm on the video, Officer Troche he was almost as scared as the mother of the baby was at the time. He told KTVU that his kids were proud, "They talked about it all day long, which was awesome. That was the best feeling."

Photo: Getty Images