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Eddie Is Feeling Uncomfortable In The Studio Because Of Lunchbox

Eddie and Lunchbox are always arguing with each other about something.

During today's Bobby Bones Show, Eddie admitted that he's been feeling uncomfortable sitting next to Lunchbox in the studio. Turns out Lunchbox's kid has been sick because of daycare and Lunchbox has had the sniffles. Eddie was disappointed that Lunchbox didn't stay home from work because he had been feeling sick. Pre-COVID, Bobby had a rule for the studio that if they felt sick, they needed to stay home from work so they didn't get everyone else sick.

On top of thinking Lunchbox may have COVID, Eddie wished that Lunchbox would have stayed home from work so he didn't pass his sickness around the studio. Lunchbox said he's feeling fine though, and he did get a negative test for COVID.