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Taylor Acorn Performs Her Song "Like The Movies"

Country artist Taylor Acorn is thriving on TikTok. Bobby Bones is a huge fan of her and her music, so Acorn stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform one of her songs and get ready to perform at BobbyFest this weekend.

Acorn's song "Like The Movies" is her current single. She wrote the song by herself during the pandemic last year. She was reflecting on past moments in her life when she came up with the song idea. She shared that she discussed in her first verse losing her father at a young age. Then the song progresses as she remembers seeing her mom go through life and relationships after the loss. Acorn then took the song to her producer Andrew who helped put the song together in production.

Despite having a fun last name, Acorn admitted she's never really been made fun of for it, but she did have some clever nicknames growing up. Some of her friends would call her Taylor Walnut, and her track coach in college would call her Taylor Squirrel.

Fans can find Acorn on TikTok doing covers of her favorite songs. She feels like she's really found some great fans through the video app who live her ability to cover different genres. Watch her perform her song "Like The Movies" below!