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TMSG: First Responders & Good Samaritans Save Man, Dog Trapped In SUV

A combined effort of heroes in South Carolina saved a man and his dog from a terrible situation.

Witnesses saw a minivan crash and start to submerge in a pond at a spot in Litchfield Beach, South Carolina. South Carolina Highway Patrol officer Adam Marshall was the first one on the scene and immediately jumped in the water. Marshall was joined in the pond shortly after by firefighters Thomas Doyle and Steven Vankirk.

The victim found an air pocket inside the vehicle and he was able to put his dog and himself up into it. The officer and firefighters used their tools to bust out the windows in order to get in the car and get to the two of them. They were able to rescue the pair in 9 minutes.

Luckily because of everyone's quick actions and teamwork, they likely spent only about 10 to 15 minutes trapped in the minivan from the time it became submerged to the time they were rescued. The man was taken to a hospital, and has since been released in good condition.

Photo: Getty Images