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Russell Dickerson On The Weirdest Thing He's Learned Being A Parent

Russell Dickerson's current song "Home Sweet" is his favorite song he's ever written. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show virtually from a songwriting session at the beach to talk about his latest song as well as being a dad, his marriage, and the one time he got punched in the face.

Dickerson is always giving his wife credit for the things she's done for his career. So when he said he would give his wife songwriting credit on "Yours," it was no surprise. She's the inspiration behind a lot of his songs but that one in particular. Despite their love being Dickerson's inspiration, he admitted that she's not totally into his music. She's really into indie/acoustic type music, and while she likes his music, she's not afraid of critiquing it. With his song "Love You Like I Used To," she told him that he didn't nail it and that caused him and the songwriters to go back and totally rewrite the song. The version fans here today is the rewritten version his wife made happen. The couple welcomed their first child together almost a year ago, and Dickerson has learned a lot of things as a new dad. But he admits that the weirdest thing he's learned as a parent is the pungentness of diapers. Once their baby started eating real food, it was game over.

On some random topics, Dickerson confessed that he would go shirtless for a photo shoot if someone asked him to. He's been really focused on his health in recent months, only eating frozen meals that come from a company that ships him healthy options. He also confessed that he's been punched in the face once. It happened in 5th grade, he was building a treehouse with his friend and they got into an argument. Shortly into the argument, his friend punched him in the face and Dickerson realized fighting was not for him.

His recent song "Home Sweet" is his favorite song he's ever written. Despite noting that it could have been a ballad song, he really believes in the sentiment of the song mixed with a big anthem.