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TMSG: Lego YouTuber Gives Kids Impacted By Fires Lego Sets

Thousands of people have been evacuated and displaced due to the Caldor Fire in California. A YouTuber decided to bring joy to some of the kids and families who have been displaced.

Morgen Earle has a YouTube channel called "Earle Fam Builds" and he's become known for his Lego builds and creations. He started the channel during the pandemic to get through dark times, telling ABC 10, "I got into Lego during the pandemic because I was grappling with pretty bad anxiety and depression. There's something incredible about this type of toy specifically... because it is 100% imagination and boundless while also being 100% structured and logical. It helps you take yourself away from that dark place."

So he decided to help other people get out of that dark place that was created by the Caldor Fire. Earle's father is a fire chief working on the pioneer side of the fire. His father told him around 30,000 people were evacuated during the second day and in that was a whole group of kids who had brought nothing.

With all of the Legos he's gotten from his social media channel, Earle and his wife decided to go out and give them to kids impacted by the fire. They attended a BBQ held for victims of the fire and were able to give out about $8,000 worth of Legos all while dressed in a Santa suit.

Photo: Getty Images