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Lunchbox Called Amy's Possible Scammers To Ask Them Questions

Last week Amy received a possible phishing email about a Macbook computer so naturally Lunchbox wanted to step in to help.

In her emails, Amy found that she received an email from PayPal sharing that her computer's purchase went through completely and all is good. However, if she didn't make the purchase then she needed to call the number associated on the email. Well, obviously Amy hadn't purchased a computer via PayPal. So Lunchbox, with Amy by his side, called the phone number on the email.

A supposed employee for PayPal answered the phone. Lunchbox told the employee that there wasn't a purchase and he needed to speak with someone about it. That's when the employee said he would need to take that up with the fraudulent side of PayPal and then was planning to hang up. Lunchbox then just started yelling "You're a scam artist" and naturally the employee hung up.

We're still not sure whether the email was a scam or if it was legit PayPal and now we will never know.