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Lunchbox Took Over Our Voicemail Line, Surprising Some Listeners

Lunchbox loves to play some pranks, especially when it comes to our listeners and our voicemail line.

Our voicemail line allows listeners who listen to The Bobby Bones Show on podcast to call into the show at all hours of the day, rather than only being able to call during the live show like before. So Lunchbox decided to take over our voicemail line again and every time he does it gives the show a good laugh. He is still himself, but uses phrases that make listeners seem like they're leaving voicemails rather than having a conversation with another human.

One of the callers was leaving a voicemail confessing that she didn't like an upcoming Lunchbox bit, but Lunchbox cut her off too quickly to share her opinion. He denied what her opinion was and then went back to acting like a voicemail line. Another listener was totally flustered and had no idea what was happening.