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TMSG: Groom Has Surprise Adoption Proposal For Stepdaughters At Wedding

Dontez Williams wedding day was one to remember for all the reasons many would expect, but it was extra special because he planned for something else to happen on the big day.

Right before Williams married his bride Myshella Burton, he delivered some emotional vows to the two young girls that would become his stepdaughters after the wedding that day. He asked them if they would accept his proposal to become their legal father. He first met the girls when they were infants and they've been a family ever since.

In a video Williams posted on Instagram, both of the girls were initially confused at what was happening because this didn't happen at the wedding rehearsal. However, once they realized what was going on, all of the tears began to flow from them and everyone around. He wrote in the caption, "Although they are not biologically mine, blood could not make us any closer. I wanted to make it official in becoming their dad as I wrote vows to not only my wife but to my daughters as well asking them could I adopt them."

Photo: Getty Images