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Travis Denning Performs Famous TV Theme Songs Based Off Memory

Travis Denning stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his newly released EP Dirt Road Down recently, his latest TV show binge, and his relationship with his girlfriend. Bobby Bones also prepared a drawing from a hat that featured several popular TV shows for Denning to perform their theme songs.

Dirt Road Down features Denning's single "ABBY." As well as the song "Grew Up With A Truck," which he wrote by himself. He shared that usually he would have an appointment and go write with some other individuals and they would write a song during that session. However, this song he took his time writing it by himself in about a week and a half. He enjoyed the process of writing by himself so much that he plans to do that more with other songs in the future. He noted it was an easy one to pull on some memories from his past because he grew up with a truck and his dad always had one.

Besides working on his music, Denning has been binging Yellowstone and really enjoys it. Particularly because he thinks he could be a cowboy like the show features, but also because he really loves that area of the United States geographically. He's also recently been spending time celebrating his girlfriend as she just celebrated a birthday. Denning admitted that he's a great gift giver because he will just ask her what she wants and get it for her. This year, he got her a coffee table and some books then they went to a nice dinner. He added that she doesn't really like surprises so everything is always pretty straightforward with them.

Denning was able to show off his talent for remembering and knowing just about any song to play on his guitar. Bones pulled the TV shows Full House, That 70s Show, Friends, Law and Order out of a hat and Denning was able to play each of their famous theme songs. Watch him perform the songs below.