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Amy & Lunchbox Try The World's Sourest Candy After Spinning The Wheel

After seeing someone on TikTok trying the world's sourest candy, The Bobby Bones Show had to spin the wheel to make someone on the show try it.

Everyone was placed on the wheel and after one practice round, they spun the wheel for the world's sourest candy victim. The wheel landed on Lunchbox, who was notably upset by the wheel's decision. However, he sucked it up and took to the stage in the studio to pay the punishment. He had to suck on the world's sourest candy for 20 seconds. The whole time he was making strange noises and slapping his knees because of how sour it tasted.

After his 20 seconds were up, Lunchbox spit it out. It must have been an interesting watch for Amy because she was curious as to what it tasted like and agreed to also try the world's sourest candy for 20 seconds. Amy had a bit of a different reaction, after making some similar noises and her 20 seconds were up, she spit out the candy and started gagging.

They both noted that it was actually the taste of the candy that was disgusting rather than the sourness itself.