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Lunchbox Asks For Advice On Awkward Situation With Cousin & Facebook

Lately, The Bobby Bones Show has been doing a segment called "Pick A Bit" where the show members choose the segment idea they want to hear most.

Lunchbox pitched a segment asking for advice on a situation with his cousin and it stayed as one of the options for a few days. The show members then took some pity on Lunchbox's segment idea because the original chosen segment about Amy having a low moment wasn't that exciting. So they allowed Lunchbox to go ahead and share his story and ask for advice.

He told the show that his cousin sent him a message on Facebook asking him to unfriend her newly ex-husband from his friend list on the social media app. Lunchbox immediately felt awkward and didn't think he should have to do that. He isn't really that close to his cousin and he actually hung out more with the ex-husband. However, the majority of the show members gave him some feedback noting that he should just unfriend the ex-husband because his cousin is family.