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Morgan Evans Grew Up Singing American Music Like Garth Brooks

Morgan Evans stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new song, touring with Brett Eldredge and perform his big hits.

Touring with Brett Eldredge in recent weeks is Evans first time touring in American that there is an opening act before him. He loves that aspect of this tour, and noted that fans can expect to hear his big songs during his 45 minute set. He also shared that they close out his performance with his song "Day Drunk" after that song really blew up during the pandemic.

Evans has also been sharing new music. He recently shared the song "Love Is Real" and told Bobby Bones the inspiration behind the song. He had the title "Love Is Real" for a long time, but he was looking for the right way to write the song. He wanted this song in particular to just be a "straight sharing of the feeling when all is right in the world." Especially after this last year with the pandemic.

While Evans is from Australia and fans can hear his Australian accent when he talks, his singing voice is American. He admitted that he googled why that happens and he found someone who shared that it's possibly because of the way that the American accent approaches vowels and it's more pleasant to the human ear. Evans actually grew up singing American music, he was always performing Garth Brooks' music.

Watch Morgan Evans perform his new song "Love Is Real," + his hits "Kiss Somebody" and "Day Drunk" below.