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Movie Mike’s Top 5 Underrated Superhero Movies

I love superhero movies but I understand the fatigue going on right now. Hollywood has cashed in on the profitable formula leaving some of us a little burnt out on the genre. I feel the genre still has much more to give as the best movies have found ways to reinvent themselves. I also feel there have been some hidden gems missed out in the over saturation.

Here are 5 superhero movies I feel are underrated.

1. The Death of Superman (HBO Max)

This is one of the best DC movies of all-time and it just so happens to be animated. The story doesn’t try to do too much which I feel is the downfall of other DC movies. The animation also lends itself perfectly to telling the story without the need and overuse of special effects and CGI. I also love that the title and poster has a spoiler because you know just by reading it what the movie is about. Superman and the Justice League meet their ultimate match in the form of an unstoppable alien that crashes into the earth and wrecks havoc. It stays true to the comic with some key plot changes. But don’t let the animation stop you from watching…it’s so well done, that you’ll forget you’re watching an animated film.

2. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

It’s a shame The Incredible Hulk movies haven’t been well received by audiences. He is such a great character and beloved in the Avengers but for some reason his solo movies haven’t performed as well. I thought Edward Norton did a great job bringing Bruce Banner to life in the 2008 movie. It was coming off the mass success of Iron Man was the first time "The Avengers” were referenced in a film. Just don’t watch 2003 Hulk…no one needs to see that.

3. Super (2010)

Have you ever wanted to see Rainn Wilson from the Office as a superhero? Then this is the movie for you. After his wife leaves him, he decides to transform himself into a costumed vigilante. He’s just a normal guy not prepared to take on the kind of damage he does. It also has a stellar cast from Rainn Wilson, Elliot Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon. It’s my favorite movie by director James Gunn who also just did The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy.

4. Kick Ass (2010)

It’s the story about a kid who loves superheroes so much that he wants to become one — despite not having super powers. He teams up with some other misfit vigilantes to fight crime against a violent mob. I love the world in which this movie exists. The costume design is fantastic and felt it was ahead of its time with the R rating due to violence and language.The sequel is just as good.

5. Hancock (2008)

Will Smith’s character is an alcoholic superhero. Even though he is saving people in LA, he doesn’t have the best reputation and is hated by the public for his drunken and careless acts. The movie shows what the consequences would be for the actions and collateral damage of superheroes. Plus you have Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman alongside Will Smith. The movie is not perfect, but I love that it took a different take on the genre. I feel like it came out at the wrong time as we see now with the success of The Boys on Amazon. I still would love to see a sequel.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Batman Returns
  • Chronicle
  • Sky High
  • Spider-Man

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