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TMSG: School Faculty Surprise Custodian With Car

Mr. Chris is the head custodian at Unity Grove Elementary School in Atlanta.

Turns out Mr. Chris has been walking to work and his fellow co-workers came together to help him out. Two faculty members, Ms. MacDonald and Ms. Combs collaborated to raise money to get a car for Mr. Chris. They raised enough to purchase a car with about 76,000 miles on it for a little more than $1,500. And as it turns out, it was Mr. Chris' favorite type of car.

Unity Grove Elementary shared a video on Facebook of the moment they gifted the car to Mr. Chris. In the caption they shared, "Today was one of those days that make you smile for hours. [...] Unity Grove is a special place, and we are so grateful for the people in our lives."

Mr. Chris couldn't believe the car was his, when he was handed the keys, he held his arms in the air and exclaimed "There is a God." He also added, "I never would have dreamt of something like this. This is mind-blowing to me."

Photo: Getty Images