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Lunchbox Upset With Grocery Store Worker Who Didn't Let Him Buy Alcohol

Lunchbox recently celebrated his big 40th birthday in late July.

A lot of exciting things happen around birthdays, but one not so fun thing is driver licenses' sometimes expire. Lunchbox's expired because it was after his 40th birthday, however he didn't think that would stop him from being able to purchase alcohol. He went to a grocery store and loaded up on some alcohol for Raymundo's birthday as well as for another friend's birthday party. But when he got to the cashier, Lunchbox wasn't actually able to purchase said alcohol.

Because of Lunchbox's ID being expired, the grocery store employee wouldn't sell alcohol to him. He was frustrated with the situation because the license clearly showed it was him, and he's over 40-years-old so it wasn't like he was underage and trying to buy alcohol. However, the show told him the employee would likely get fired if she sold to him with an expired driver's license. He's still frustrated with the situation and possibly plans to send the grocery store a complaint about the employee.