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Raymundo Is Likely Never Getting His "Trump Bet" Money

For years, listeners of The Bobby Bones Show have been waiting to see Raymundo get his earnings from his Trump bet.

Before Donald Trump won his presidency, Raymundo placed a bet that would make him some serious cash if Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. He was obviously correct and the company where Raymundo placed his bet then said there was a stipulation in the bet. Donald Trump had to serve all four years of his presidency and then at the end of four years, he would receive his bet earnings.

Again, that obviously happened but still, Raymundo didn't see his money. He pushed back on the betting company and told them he needed his money. They told Raymundo he would have it by July 2nd, 2021. And still, July 2nd has passed but Raymundo still hasn't seen his money.

The members of the show whole heartedly believe that Raymundo will never see the earnings of the bet.