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TMSG: Cave Explorers Rescue Dog Who Was Trapped For Weeks

A dog spent approximately two weeks trapped inside a cave until a group of humans arrived and were able to rescue him.

A group of cave explorers were exploring Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve in Indiana. They looked into an at least 30-foot deep pit and saw movement. There was a thin black and white dog at the bottom of it. They rappelled down and were able to safely lift the dog out of the cave. They all then took the pup to Harrison County Animal Control.

The sweet pup was malnourished. He was very thin, and his collar was very loose which led the shelter workers to believe he was in the cave long enough to drop a significant amount of weight, around two weeks. The cavers also noted that there was an empty turtle shell at the bottom of the cave, which may have collected rainwater and kept him alive.

Days after, the sweet pup was reunited with his owner. Harrison County Animal Control shared a video of the pup being reunited and it's definitely a happy ending.

Photo: Getty Images