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Lunchbox Finds Out If He's Top 25 Famous People In Nashville

Today was finally the day on The Bobby Bones Show where Lunchbox found out if his claims of being Top 25 famous people in Nashville were legit.

For weeks, we've been hearing about The Rock surprising tour buses full of people that are touring his neighborhood. He drives up to the buses and asks them if they know where he can find The Rock, and that is typically followed up with screams and hollers when people realize it's actually him. When the show talked about it, Lunchbox claimed that he could do that and it would totally be a similar reaction. He said in the same segment that he thought he was one of Nashville's top 25 most famous people.

So today, Scuba Steve set it up for Lunchbox to be on a corner when a tour bus full of people were driving by. Lunchbox yelled at the tour bus asking if they knew where he could find Lunchbox. However, there was no response. Not one scream or holler, but there was some confusion among the bus. The show had two people on board the bus to be sure we captured reactions from each angle. And at every angle, there was no response for Lunchbox but some people thinking he was looking for a place.