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Lainey Wilson On How Her Songs Made It On The TV Show 'Yellowstone'

Lainey Wilson's song "Things A Man Oughta Know" is set to hit number 1 on the country charts so she stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for her first appearance.

Her song "Things A Man Oughta Know" will mark Wilson's first number 1 song. She's amazed at the power the song has had through her fans. She has had single mothers, single fathers, and guys who have messed up all reach out to her sharing that her song made an impact on them. The song impacted another fan so much that it halted a divorce that was about to happen. Wilson said "that's the power of music."

Wilson takes her responsibility to connect with people very seriously, she is out on the road right now with Jason Aldean and Hardy and wants her fans to really connect with her. She believes it's her responsibility to make sure when she's performing that her fans don't feel alone, whether that's with a feel good song and partying or just being in that moment with them. Wilson believes that her, Aldean and Hardy are the three most redneck people in this town [Nashville]. Though she added that she really loves standing side stage during their shows so she can learn from both of them.

Touring isn't all that's going for Wilson though, several of her songs have made it as the soundtrack on the popular TV show Yellowstone. The show's producers reached out to her label back in 2018 and asked them to send a bunch of songs for their TV show. One of the things they sent was Wilson's EP and they ended up choosing one of her songs for an episode. Now, she has a connection with the TV show that she will send them a song if she thinks it might fit with what they're doing. Though, she won't know if a song makes it until about two weeks before the episode is set to air because music is the last thing they add in before it goes to air.

Despite her big move to Nashville, her roots in Baskin, Louisiana are strong. There's about 300 people who live in the "corn fields, blue collar" farming town. Wilson said they're all very proud of her back home, so much so that they've finally stopped asking her when she is moving back. A songwriter named Jerry Cupit from her hometown was one of the people who had a big impact on her family and her start in Nashville. He's the one who taught Wilson's father how to play guitar. Who then continued learning to play the guitar by ear. Her father passed down those skills to her, he first taught her the G chord, as he calls it the "easy G." But guitar skills wasn't the only thing Cupit passed on to Wilson. When she moved to Nashville in her trailer, otherwise known as a Flagstaff, she stayed in that trailer in Cupit's studio parking lot for free, for three years.

Early on in her career, Wilson also pursued another side to her. She became a Hannah Montana impersonator. She talked extensively with Bobby Bones about her impersonating job on The BobbyCast, but during the show she shared that she still hasn't met Miley Cyrus yet. The gig made her about $300 to $400 a party, around $1000 a weekend. So when she hung up the wig, she was losing money at first to pursue her career as Lainey Wilson. That's not her only connection to the Cyruses though, the first song she learned to play on the guitar was "Achy Breaky Heart."

Watch Lainey Wilson perform her song "Things A Man Oughta Know" below!