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Scotty McCreery Still Drives The Truck He Got From Winning 'American Idol'

Scotty McCreery dropped his new album Same Truck today featuring his songs "You Time," and "Damn Strait." He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share the new album, perform the George Strait inspired song and talk about moving to his home state.

Same Truck features the song "Damn Strait" that was written about legendary country artist George Strait. McCreery was boarding up his house in North Carolina for the hurricane that was coming when this song got sent to him. He stopped in his tracks when he heard it. Then he sent it to his wife and his boys to ensure his feelings about the song were reciprocated, and they all agreed. The song is set to be his new album's next single. Another song on the album "How Ya Doin' Up There" shares a prospective on prayer that he's never thought of before. While in the writing room, McCreery asked if anyone had ever asked how God is doing. That inspired this song to be a very conversational one with God that McCreery never heard in another song before. He fell in love with the complete song that day.

Despite releasing new music and getting his sea legs again with touring, McCreery and his wife decided to not make Nashville home. McCreery always thought he would settle in Nashville, but he admitted he has too deep of roots back home in North Carolina. Because of the changes the pandemic brought, he's been allowed to do virtual writes from North Carolina instead of having to constantly travel and be in Nashville.

McCreery got his start for his music career on American Idol years ago, but he still has a piece of that show with him every day. The season he won American Idol, it was planned to give away a car to the two finalists, which happened to be him and Lauren Alaina. To this day, McCreery still drives that free truck he got from the show. He got a Ford truck with all the bells and whistles, and besides a few bang ups, the truck is still holding on strong for him. He admitted that his and Alaina's choices to get the expensive cars might have ruined the idea of giving new cars to contestants for the following seasons.

Every artist typically has another celebrity that they would love to meet in their career, but for McCreery it's not another artist. He is a huge sports fan and longtime NFL New England Patriots fan, which also makes him a big Tom Brady fan. McCreery shared an almost meet encounter with the two of them were set to be on a national TV show. They were in dressing rooms next to each other and McCreery was working up the courage to go say hello, but when he finally did he saw several big security guards protecting his dressing room. McCreery didn't think he could make it through, so he went back to his dressing room. However, he still hopes one day to meet Brady.

Watch Scotty McCreery perform his new single "Damn Straight" below!