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TMSG: Bride Flies 800 Miles To Have First Dance With 94-Year-Old Grandpa

24-year-old Natalie Browning wanted to make sure her 94-year-old grandfather Nelson May could see her in her wedding dress and make a "first dance" happen.

Browning wanted her first dance to be with her grandpa. However, two weeks before the big day, May suffered a stroke and wasn't going to be able to travel for the wedding. So before the wedding, Browning packed up her wedding dress and traveled 800 miles to her grandpa's home in Florida.

She documented the entire trip in a Facebook video. When she arrived at her grandfather's home, Browning had on her wedding dress and the pair were able to share a dance. Browning told Fox News, "For months he'd been so excited to dance with me on my wedding night and I'm just so happy that I was able to give him that experience. I don't get to see him very often so it truly was a special day."

Photo: Getty Images