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WATCH: Amy & Her Family Take Their New Cat For A Walk

Amy and her family have now had their new cat in their lives for a few months. She's been sharing on Instagram how things have been going, including how her dog and cat are getting along.

When Amy's daughter Stachiara wanted a cat, they had to be sure the cat wouldn't cause their rescue dog Kara too much stress. So they got a particular cat that was supposed to fit well in their home. According to Amy's Instagram updates, things have been going really well for their cat Maggie. For a few weeks the Kara and Maggie were in separate rooms and that made things a little difficult. However, now the two of them are able to be in the same room together without anyone running away.

Then this week, Amy shared a video of her family on a walk. They had both Kara and Maggie with them and they were doing really well. Amy noted that Maggie is learning to walk on a leash and in the video it looks like the two are doing really well together!