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Jameson Rodgers & His Wife Exchanged Vows In Private Before Their Wedding

Jameson Rodgers has a lot to celebrate in recent weeks. He released a new album Bet You're From A Small Town and got married to his longtime girlfriend Sarah Allison Turner. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about all the exciting things.

Rodgers and Turner have known each other for years. They met at a Bluebird Songwriting workshop in 2011, and for Rodgers he fell in love immediately. But as far as a relationship goes, it took awhile for it to actually happen. Things worked out though as Rodgers and Turner just had their big wedding day. Rodgers admits that being a married man feels strange, and he agreed with Bobby Bones that forgetting his wedding ring is a common thing. Being songwriters, it's not surprising that Rodgers and Turner wrote their own vows for each other, however they shared them with each other in private. They didn't make their written vows as part of the ceremony. Rodgers admitted that he also didn't sing at the wedding, they had a DJ do all of the music. After the wedding, they celebrated with a mini moon out at a house in Franklin, TN due to their busy schedules. They will be going on their honeymoon in October to Mexico for Rodger's first time. Being a country artist also has it's perks when it comes to wedding gifts, Rodgers shared that his friends Hardy and Hunter Phelps got them a Jon Boat and named it Sarah Jean, his wife's nickname.

Bet You're From A Small Town is Rodgers newly released debut album. He decided on that song as the title track after seeing other artists name their albums after their hometowns, and felt that this song in particular was the most personal for him on the record. However, they're all relatively personal as Rodgers wrote 14 of the 15 songs on the project. His first single from it "Some Girls," is the only song he didn't write. He actually heard the song many years ago from some of his friends. He told them if no one ever cut it, he wanted it and obviously that worked out. There's also a track on the new record that Rodgers plays the most in his truck, that's his song "One Day." And the song "Girl With The Broken Heart" on the album is the newest song he's written, they finished writing the song just a few weeks before going in studio. Rodgers is currently touring with the new album where his wife is opening some of his dates for him.