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TMSG: Medical Student Saves Crash Victim's Life

A UNLV medical student was on the way to the first NFL Raiders preseason game when she was able to save a crash victim's life.

Liz Groesbeck was in the backseat of an Uber with friends when they heard a bunch of screaming. A man was hit and seriously hurt by a car at an intersection. Groesbeck, is not only a medical student but also EMT certified. She hopped out of the Uber and jumped into action. The man was missing a limb and had serious injuries to his face and he really needed help until an ambulance arrived.

So Groesbeck did what she could to stop the bleeding and made sure he was able to breathe. Because of her jumping into action, the man did survive and was recently released from the hospital. She told 8 News Now Las Vegas, "For me, it’s not so much that I saved a life. It’s more thank God that guy survived. [...] Everything happened to end up just right so that this incredibly unlucky situation could be as lucky as possible.”

Photo: Getty Images