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Bobby, Eddie, Lunchbox Play 'Harry Potter' Trivia After Watching 1st Movie

A few weeks ago Movie Mike D pitched a segment to the Bobby Bones Show around the Harry Potter movie series.

Mike D, Amy, and Morgan are all big fans of the Harry Potter movie series. Mike D and Morgan have been fans since the books and movies originally came out, while Amy watched them recently with her kids and enjoyed them.

Bobby, Eddie, and Lunchbox on the other hand were never going to be "Potterheads" as they didn't have a desire to watch the series. Mike D being the movie guy on the show, came to the guys one day suggesting that if they watched at least the first Harry Potter movie, they would fall in love with the movie series. Instead of just accepting watching the movie, the guys put up a punishment in place.

First, Bobby, Eddie, and Lunchbox would have to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and report back to answer 5 trivia questions about the movie. If they didn't pass trivia getting 5/5 correct, they would have to watch the next movie, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Next, if at least two of guys didn't give the first Harry Potter movie a 4/5 star rating, then Mike D would have to get punished by doing hot chip roulette.

Eddie and Lunchbox did not pass the Harry Potter trivia so they are having to watch the second movie in the next two weeks. Lunchbox and Bobby also did not give the first movie a great rating, so Mike D had to play hot chip roulette and luckily he didn't have to eat the Paqui Hot Chip, he got a regular chip.